Bema Education Inc.
Teacher Recruitment 2022

Update (6/15/22): Please note that due to a higher-than-expected response we will be only be able to contact successful applicants. Thank you for your interest in Bema Education Inc.

About the job

Since 2015, Bema Education Ltd. in Toronto, Canada has successfully delivered student-centered learning programs, helping students aged from 6-18 to improve their language competency, literary awareness and cultural literacy.

Through our engaging classes and dedicated mentors, Bema promotes the critical thinking and creativity that empowers students to better understand themselves and the world around them.

Bema’s individual and group learning opportunities have helped numerous students take charge of their learning journey, developing the academic competence and self-confidence to make the most out of life, whether it is excelling at a new school, making a successful transition to university, or getting the most out of moving to a new country.

Job Description

Bema’s customized online learning programs are designed and offered in close collaboration with and for our participants.

Bema’s Learning Coaches participate in both one-on-one and small group learning initiatives. In contrast to traditional tutorials, our coaches are expected to assess, develop and deliver content as well as supervise and support students during online learning.

Lessons are taught at the primary, high-school, and pre-undergraduate levels with a focus on speaking and writing in subjects like history and culture. Coaches act as mentors during the student journey advising parents and helping facilitate learning as an adjunct to traditional school curriculum.

Bema also offers special thematic projects to create repeating group courses in specific areas of your own interest (e.g. history, literature, art, etc.)

Is this position suitable for me?

Are you looking for a self-employed, remote, part-time position outside the traditional school board system? Are you willing to make a stable, long-term commitment to mentoring a child along their learning path?

The best Bema Learning Coaches are not typically career teachers, but those with a zest for learning, teaching experience, and the patience required to mentor a few students over the long term.

Our learning model emphasizes regularly scheduled, one-on-one meetings that put you in control of curriculum (not simply delivering it). This requires self-motivation, creativity and flexibility not only in teaching, but in working together with the learner, parents, and administration to address the learner’s needs.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the administration team to understand student needs
  • Devise a learning plan to assess learners during initial meetings
  • Acquire, design and organize learning materials in preparation for weekly meetings
  • Engage, instruct, and observe students during online classes
  • Report to and collaborate with administration, parents and other mentors (including written reports of students’ progress) to adapt and improve outcomes

Required education, knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Mandarin Chinese is an asset.
  • Master-level degree or above (a degree in English, History, Philosophy or Social Studies an asset)
  • High levels of patience, compassion and positivity when working with learners regardless of varying abilities, backgrounds or needs
  • Well organized, reliable and enthusiastic team player


This is a flexible, hourly-based work from home position. A moderate teaching capacity of 6 hours of individual teaching week yields around $10,000 annually. Fuller schedules and teaching group courses may yield up to $45,000 annually. For more information, or to apply, please email a letter of interest and resume as a PDF to Claire Shen, Director care of the address below.

Application deadline is July 7, 2022.

Please email resume and cover letter to: