Good things come in small packages: each one of Bema’s carefully-selected, accredited educators represent a key aspect of the active, constantly-improving curriculum that sets Bema apart from its competitors. We are proud to host a highly-qualified team of seasoned experts in all areas of education—from primary to tertiary.

Claire is the founder, owner and president of Bema Education Ltd.  A Chinese entrepreneur educated at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, she combines her experience in business, education, and online learning to lead a multifaceted team of educational experts mentoring students in language, literacy and leadership.

Due to the challenges that Claire, her family and friends experienced in their pursuit of international education, Claire saw the need for a flexible, complementary learning platform that offered small class sizes, had a student-centered learning philosophy, and provided hands-on, interactive classroom activities. This learning philosophy encourages her educators to tailor their teaching to suit individual student needs while at the same time empowering her students to take ownership of their learning process.

Claire’s vision for Bema is to shift learning away from a one-way-only, I-teach-you-listen, teacher-to-student paradigm—making “school” a place to not only gain knowledge, but also a platform to question, argue, learn, make mistakes, and–most importantly–grow.

Coached 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Silver Key Novel Winner
Coached 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Essay Honorable Mention

As Bema’s operational director, Jeff (B.A. (Hons.), M.A., Cert.TESOL) draws on many years’ experience as a university administrator in international and executive programs at York University and the University of Toronto–as well as his time in the private training sector as a director for Chinese government training programs certified under the People’s Republic of China State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA).

Jeff began his educational career at universities in Hong Kong and Taipei, teaching undergraduate students English for Specific Purposes, including International Business and Economics. In Canada, he taught graduate students entering the top-ranked Schulich School of Business MBA at York University.

Jeff excels at helping his students meet the challenges of university preparation and standardized tests (TOEFL, SAT, SSAT, IELTS, AP) especially in the areas of academic writing, persuasive speaking and rhetorical analysis. He also has extensive experience designing and delivering international executive training programs to government officials from the People’s Republic of China, auditors in the Deloitte Global Development Program and executives at other global institutions.

Monique is a high energy, TESL certified teacher with over 20 years of Canadian and international experience in developing and delivering inspiring and interactive curricula to students with diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities. Her top priority in every class is to create a warm and nurturing atmosphere where students feel connected to and fully empowered in their learning.

In addition to making English lessons fun, Monique has focused on English literature, using novel studies to help students develop not only their appreciation for literature, but also improve their vocabulary, writing, creativity and critical thinking.

Monique looks forward to meeting and working with Bema students and sharing her passion for English literature.

Valerie is an enthusiastic teacher who believes that fully engaging her students acts as a springboard to making more meaningful and powerful connections. After obtaining her Honours BA in Psychology (McMaster University), she went on to pursue her Bachelor of Education and Special Education Part 1 from the University of Western Ontario. Additionally, she has a Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Roehampton University UK, where she lived, studied and worked for five years.

Valerie has ten years experience with the Toronto District School Board teaching grades 1-4 and two years in Alexandria Egypt teaching primary grades. Her love for diversity, culture and people’s lived experiences add greatly to her upbeat teaching style which encourages students to become alive with the literature through dramatic role playing, poetry and self reflection. She believes in self-directed learning, making strong connections with her students and always looks forward to sharing her love of learning with the students at Bema.

Jaime is an enthusiastic and seasoned educator with more than 12 years experience in teaching and tutoring. Jaime has taught in Asia, North America and Europe allowing her to develop her own unique style of teaching both in person and online.

Jaime received an Honours Bachelor of Arts  degree from the University of Toronto with a Specialist in English and minors in French and Italian.  She also holds a post-graduate qualification as a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Toronto.

Jaime is well versed in standardized testing and scored in the 90th percentile in the verbal section of the GMAT. Completing the coursework  for her Master’s of Adult education is one of her proudest achievements and she is currently finishing her thesis on Intergenerational Learning. She has written for university publications, and for both national and international online magazines.

For several years Jaime has volunteered with organizations that serve the community. One such organization, assists students from marginalized communities attend prestigious independent high schools. This experience has given her insight into navigating Ontario’s independent school system.

Jaime brings a friendly style to online teaching with interactive lesson planning and a fun atmosphere. As a Teacher, Jaime believes that studying should be enjoyable and believes in student-centered learning.

Christine has been a teacher for more than 20 years. She attended the University of King’s College at Dalhousie University, majoring in English with a minor in History and Political Science.  Christine also holds a degree in Education from St. Mary’s University, specializing in French/German and Remedial Reading teaching methods. She later returned to School, to obtain a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and worked as a trainer for the Province of Nova Scotia, in Canada.

Her diverse teaching experiences include: teaching across all levels (Primary through grade 12), in all subject areas excluding Math, providing in-home tutoring support to students unable to attend school, working with learning disabled students in both Resource and Learning Center, working with a local psychologist to become conversant with the Verbalizing and Visualizing Program (in order to assist students to learn these vital skills), and being a middle school Literacy Support teacher.

Christine has a great deal of personal experience in dealing with attentional and learning difficulties and obstacles, due to her own children’s learning difficulty. She has developed numerous ways to assist these children to succeed. She has also taught online, to students from Russia, Israel and China for the last 4 years, and has assisted her students to successfully compete in such competitions as MMUN and Design Thinking.

Christine embraces the philosophy of “Love them first, teach them second”. She establishes a deep personal connection with her students, sharing with them her love of reading and writing, and helping them to find their own passions through investigation, discussion and analysis while reading, and assisting them to find their own unique voice in writing.

Christine looks forward to sharing her knowledge with Bema students and being a guide in their English language journey.

Linda obtained a BSc in Animal Science and a Masters in Microbiology and worked for several years as a lab technician before becoming a teacher. Along the way, she studied for her CELTA certification in teaching English as a second language. Together with her interest in science, Linda has always had a passion for history and literature, which has led her to become the author of five historical novels. The history of Halifax, Nova Scotia, her hometown, has featured largely in her writing. As well as classroom teaching, Linda has worked with many students as a private tutor and volunteered as a literacy instructor.

Over her twenty-year career, Linda has taught Canadian History, Global Geography and English as well as science courses. She currently teaches at Ihsan Academy, a Muslim private school in Halifax. For Linda, the most exciting part of teaching is adapting to the needs of a wide range of students, some of whom are recent immigrants while others have grown up in Canada. She makes it a priority to get to know her students well and form lasting relationships, with the goal of creating lifelong learners.

Through her extensive experience with students of all ages, from six-year-old immigrant children to sixty-year-olds needing help with basic literacy, Linda has learned that connection comes first. She often shares her personal interests, which include gardening, cooking, guitar, the goofy antics of her two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, or whatever she’s reading at the moment, to get students engaged and invested in their learning journey.

Lena is a friendly and outgoing optimist with a wide range of teaching experiences across Alberta. She received her Bachelor’s of Education in 2008 from The University of Alberta, with a focus on high school English and dramatic arts. Loves diving deep into studies of novels, poems, and films with students. She also enjoys teaching social studies, art, psychology, and Career and Life Management. With experience teaching many diploma and provincial achievement test English courses, she is adept at helping students develop reading comprehension and written exam competency.

Lena is a trained basketball coach who continues to enjoy playing basketball and soccer and is known for shooting hoops with students at break. Her broad knowledge and interest base enables her to engage students in high quality learning experiences, with many opportunities for cross-curricular or interest-based connections.

Since 2015, Lena has found her true educational passion in working with disadvantaged, struggling, reluctant, and despondent students. She is constantly seeking professional knowledge and growth in these areas. She prides herself on being welcoming, friendly, inclusive, and non-judgmental, giving all students unconditional love, because, as humans, they deserve it. Her daily goal is to provide students with quality learning experiences and a feeling of personal value.

Sheila is a holistic English tutor and teacher. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English (with a major in Creative Writing) from the University of Windsor and went on to homeschool her two children until they went to high school. Through homeschooling, she got into English tutoring. When her children went off to school, she became a freelance English tutor and ESL teacher.

Sheila worked for an online ESL school for 15 years, teaching students from age 7 to adult. Her classes are student-led, as the needs of the student are diverse. She takes pleasure in teaching basic ESL to young children in one class, tutoring international students in essay-writing skills in the next and, finally, assisting an adult in preparing for an English job interview. Sheila also tutors students in Canada, focusing on their specific needs and interests to get them the highest marks possible in English class, whether their needs be reading skills, writing skills or literary analysis.

As well as tutoring and teaching English, Sheila is a freelance editor and proofreader; she works with both academic texts and fiction. In her free time, she doesn’t deviate much from her job: reading and writing are her favourite hobbies, and she volunteers at the library. Occasionally, she takes her nose out of a book to work in the garden or go for a long walk.

Scott has worked as a Senior level Education Officer with Parks Canada and has over 6 years of experience in developing cultural and natural education programs to thousands of individuals, families. While obtaining a masters degree in archaeology from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, Scott gained experience leading university lectures, designing courses, and privately tutoring students on archaeological history, field techniques, and theoretical principles.

Scott loves to see individuals succeed and understands that unique approaches to learning are required for unique individuals. Drawing on his experience in education, his creativity, and infectious energy he can cater the learning experience to the individual’s needs. Scott makes learning fun and motivates students to reach their goals.

Coached 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Silver Key Essay Winner

Carla has been a teacher for 15 years. She attended the University of Toronto majoring in Political Science and then went on to study Education at the Christchurch College of Education, New Zealand. Her diverse teaching experiences include; set tutor for professional acting children, boarding school matron, private tutor, Literacy Coordinator and international classroom teacher.

Carla has taught within four different curriculums in both public and private systems in Canada, the U.K., the Middle East and New Zealand. Her most recent teaching position was at Havergal College, Toronto. Carla has a wealth of experience to share as a published author and life-long learner. Her teaching philosophy embraces student-directed inquiry, engaging youth and adults alike in an appreciation of reading broadly, writing and developing learning skills that will ensure their success throughout their educational experience.

Carla looks forward to sharing her knowledge with Bema students and being a part of their English language adventure.

Shannon is a graduate of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies who brings over a decade of experience to Bema from her previous positions as a customer service manager for international companies in China. After working several years in China’s educational industry, she became involved with Bema and was impressed by the professionalism